Beautiful Skin Tips

Having beautiful skin isn’t just for those gifted with naturally beautiful skin. Here is a Beautiful Skin Tip, exfoliate your skin; it keeps your skin looking young.

Your Skin is a Living-Breathing Organ.

Your skin is alive, you even breath through your skin, and it is constantly being repaired and replaced. You have three layers of skin but the one you show the world is your outer layer of skin. It is this layer that the world sees, but the skin you see in the mirror today is not the same skin you will see in the future. The skin cells you see on the surface today are your oldest skin cells, dying or dead skin cells, and because we are constantly producing new skin cells under the surface of our skin, (which eventually move to the surface), we are constantly shedding dead skin cells off the surface of our skin. Right now if you go and look into the mirror you will have, on average, 8/10 layers of dead skin cells built up on the surface of your skin. (Dead skin cell build up is responsible for many skin problems but we will discuss that later). microdermabrasion machine

Let’s use an example, what happens when you cut your hand, does your body build new skin over top of the cut? No the body starts to repair the skin from the bottom of the cut to the top.Note also that the new skin, once repaired, appears newer than the skin around it. This is because new skin cells look healthier than old cells. As the skin rebuilds itself, it also pulls the skin around it towards the mend tightening the surrounding skin. This is also how your body builds new skin cells, you form new skin cells at the bottom of the outer layer of skin.

These cells over time migrate up to the surface where they die and fall off. It is very important to understand that your body will not replace a dead skin cell with a new healthy cell at the bottom of the skin until the dead cell on the surface actually falls off. This is an extremely important concept to understand because the longer it takes dead skin cells to fall off the slower your body is in building new skin.

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