Guide to Get Cheaper T-shirt Printing Cost

A lot of people when ordering t-shirt printing, they always think about the cost. Of course you will need some budget to be able to print theself design shirt. However you also do not want the order to be over the budget you have prepare. That is why we will give some guide so you can get cheaper price when ordering t shirt printing.

How to get cheaper t-shirt printing cost

  1. Garment type

Usually t shirt printing Singapore provides different type of garment that you can use to print your design. Every garment type has its own cost, thus you might want to ask about the price of each garment before you start to make your design. That way you can make your design using the cheapest garment type that they own so your design would not go over the budget.

Another thing that you can do is to bring your own garment to be printed. This is especially useful if you can find the garment type that you like in cheaper price elsewhere. When you bring your own garment, then they will cut the cost for the garments from your customized t shirtorder thus you will get cheaper cost when printing them.

  1. Printing number

You should know that t shirt maker count the cost according to the printing number that they do to your t shirt. For example if they have to print the front part of the t shirt as well as the back part of the t shirt, this means they have done two prints. That is why you must put your design only in one side of the t shirt so they will count it as one print instead of two which will highly affect your printing cost.

  1. Print colors

You should remember that thet shirt creatoralso count the variety of ink that they use to print the design. More color you have in your design means they need to use more color thus make the cost become more expensive. That is why if you only have simple design then try to use one color instead of many colors since it will affect your printing cost. Monochrome image will also cost less than full colored image.

  1. Bulk order price

This is depend on the printing service that you use, but some of them gives discount for your t shirt design online if you order them in bulk. Always ask how many t shirts you should order so you can get bulk order price. Even though each printing service has varied number on their bulk order price but they can go to as low as 10 t shirts, so you really need to ask about it.

  1. Deadline

Some of you might want to design your own t shirt and get it in the same day. However it will cost more to do so. That is why it is better to use standard deadline.

Those are some tips so you can get cheaper t-shirt printing cost when you want to print your design.


Description: We will give some guide so you can get cheaper cost when ordering t-shirt printing so it would not be over the budget, learn more about it here.