Enhance your breast size with the power of Natural Foods and Therapies

Having beautiful and attractive breasts is the desire of every woman. Not only the fuller and bigger breasts will enhance the sex appeal of a female, but it will also develop the femininity in their personality. Many women face the issues of lacking in self-confidence due to their smaller boobs. If you are among those women who are tired of ditching the cleavage revealing dresses due to the small size of breasts, you have surely landed on the right place.

First of all you should understand that increasing your bust size is not an impossible task to do. In the expedition of achieving the fuller breasts, many females made mistake to make a hasty decision of going under the knife. However, before you decide to choose breast augmentation surgical procedure as an ultimate solution for enhancing the beauty of your boobs, we are going to share some natural therapies and food related tips through which you can get firmer and fuller breasts without going through expensive surgery treatments.

To increase your breast size naturally, you need to have proper information about some helpful breast enhancement exercises. Moreover, there are certain foods and natural therapies that can enhance your breasts naturally. You can use these tips and techniques along with the incorporation of using breast enhancement creams like Brestrogen to get the optimal results and visible gains. Following is some helpful information that can increase your cup size naturally.

Figure out reasons behind your small boobs

Before applying any sort of natural therapies, it is important to find out the major reasons behind your smaller boobs. The size of your breasts is actually determined by a variety of factors. Some of the factors responsible are genetics, hormonal imbalances, and medical conditions. If your smaller breast size is due to genetics, unfortunately it will be difficult to increase it. However, if hormonal imbalance is the reason behind your small boobs, the good news is it will be little easier to increase your breast size. However, if you have some previous medical conditions and you are planning to use some breast enhancement pills or a breast enlargement cream like Brestrogen, you should need to consult your doctor to discuss it along with your medical history.

Most of the women don’t realize about hormonal imbalances in their bodies. If your breast size is smaller, possibility is you are lacking in estrogen and progesterone hormones. Moreover, if you have a hyper metabolism, your body is constantly burning fat and you are more likely to have small boobs. You should know that breasts are nothing but fat tissues and if due to hyperactive metabolism your breasts will be giving tough timing in growing.

Get Bigger Breasts Naturally

The journey of your breast enlargement with natural foods and therapies could be a little longer, but believe me it will be the safest for you. Here are some amazing natural ideals that can help your boobs grow.

Natural Therapies to increase Bust Size

There are certain miraculous foods that can drastically increase your breast size. There are many great advantages of natural herbs and foods, as they come without any side effects in an absolute natural way. Total Curve


Since centuries, women have been using different herbs for variety of beauty purposes. Like many other beauty treatments, there are many herbs that are used for breast enlargement. The use of these herbs can boost the production of estrogen hormone in your body that can result in breast size gains. Among the big list of herbs, the most common are ginseng, fenugreek, dandelion, soy, wild yam, palmetto, and fennel seeds.

  • Fenugreek is an amazing breast enhancement herb as it imitates the hormones that are used for breast feeding, so this herb will eventually increase your bust size.
  • The use of fennel seeds can stimulate estrogen in your body.
  • Palmetto blocks the production of testosterone and will make sure that estrogen flows freely through your body, thus making your breasts fuller.

Some people have also experimented with onion and found it useful for increasing breast size. When used in combination with turmeric powder and honey, onion can also be used to make a breast enhancement cream.

Choose Vitamins enriched foods

There are many vitamins that can assists in making your breasts fuller and firmer. Including vitamins A, B6, C, and E in your dietary routine have a very positive effect on weakened breast cells. Vitamin C can amazingly improve collagen levels that support skin cells and breast tissues. Vitamin E has wonderful properties to regulate the promotion of skin health and cholesterol levels. At the same time, Vitamin A will increase the process of cell generation and revival, while Vitamin B6 helps greatly in the regulation of blood cell generation. Increase the food intake that is enriched with vitamins, such as green veggies and fruits, which can boost your health. Also, good vitamin levels will increase your breast size dramatically in natural way.

Include Natural Proteins / Amino Acids.

Proteins and amino acids play an extremely wonderful role in your breast enlargement. Try to include protein enriched foods in your diet, as they are essential for the growth of hormones that are responsible for growing your breasts. The best amino acids for breast enhancement are Arginine, Glutamine, and Lysine. Even if you are using breast cream like Brestrogen, you can improve your breast enlargement results by incorporating proteins in your daily diet. Include egg whites and lean meat in your daily diet to get the safest form of proteins.


Instead of going under the knife, you can take advantage of the natural things around us that can benefit us in the journey of enhancing breasts without any potential side effects. Moreover, the use of natural therapies to boost your breast size is far cheaper and cost effective as compared to the expensive breast augmentation surgical procedure. To get the optimal results and cup gains, you should incorporate breast enhancement exercises along with a healthy diet in your daily routine.

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